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5 Reasons Why You Might Be 50 and Still Single

by Evan King

Some people are 50, single and loving it! They have no yearnings to be one half of a couple and are merrily going about their lives and enjoying every single minute of it. Others are 50 and single and are not loving it.

You may be in either category, but if you are in the latter Ė if you are still 50 and you are looking for love, there are many reasons why you may not have found the one yet. For some people, life circumstances are just not conducive to being in a relationship and to others; having looked for a while, but having not yet found their life partner.

So here are 5 reasons that might be hindering your search for your perfect match:

1. We build walls around our heart: Most of us have been hurt somewhere in our past and a natural consequence of this is to build up barriers or walls, so that it doesnít happen again. The problem is that if these walls are too high and too wide, we donít allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to let someone else into our heart.

2. A fear of being loved: Most people would deny this, but you might be surprised how many people feel that they are unlovable. This can be caused by rejections early in life and so you feel anxious about being loved, as allowing yourself to be loved has previously led to you feeling rejected and hurt.

3. Unrealistic expectations: Maybe you are waiting for your knight in shining armor to rescue you or for the perfect woman, but whatever the reason, you have set the bar too high. There are lots of single men and women who could be highly compatible with you, but you donít give them a chance because they donít fulfill every item on your Ďideal partner listí.

4. We isolate ourselves: You wonít meet anyone in front of the TV, you need to be out and about living your life and meeting new people and having new experiences. When you are an over 50's single and mature person, it is so easy to stay at home where you are comfortable and not put any effort into dating.

5. Low self-esteem: There are many reasons for low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence, but the end result is that you long to be in a loving relationship, but you feel that no-one will love you. People who lack self-confidence tend to send out negative signals to people which prevents them from approaching you and ultimately reinforces your feelings of loneliness and low self-esteem.

Seeking a new partner isnít always easy, but staying open to new experiences and new people is important. Sometimes professional counseling can help, but always remember that whilst while none of us is ever going to be perfect, there is someone who is perfect for you and they are waiting to meet you right now.

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