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Baby Boomer Retirement in Argentina

The following information is provided by AARP:

Scenic, sophisticated Argentina has been on the retiree radar screen since an economic meltdown in 2002 drove down the cost of living and real estate. Argentina's economy is on the mend, and prices are ticking upwards, but the land of gauchos, the tango, and Malbec still beckons to those seeking rich culture and European ambience at a bargain.

Although there are cheaper places to settle—Mendoza to the west and Bariloche to the south—Buenos Aires is the main draw. A graceful capital city, it boasts splendid cathedrals, opera houses, and broad avenues where residents can be seen strolling until the early hours.

Dinner in Buenos Aires frequently starts at 11:00 p.m. or midnight, and restaurants stay open until 7:00 a.m. And there is a world-renowned resort and beach area, Punta del Este, just a short drive over the border in Uruguay. Yes, spiraling inflation and maddening government bureaucracy are among the downsides of life in Buenos Aires, but most expats consider these trade-offs for an affordable, urbane lifestyle.


Learn more at "Live and Invest Overseas"


Buenos Aires has a number of neighborhoods (barrios) hospitable to expats, among them Belgrano, Palermo, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, and Retiro (apt name!). Palermo is a super-chic neighborhood of cafés and movie houses; Hollywood uses it as a location, and it’s home to TV and movie companies. Rents in these neighborhoods can start at $700 a month and up, with spacious furnished apartments going for $2,000 a month. Though houses in these districts can be among the most expensive in Buenos Aires, you can still find bargains for $120,000.

New Yorkers Bert and Lisa Hirsch, 62 and 61, bought a two-bedroom condo in Palermo in 2004 for $70,000, then sold it in 2007 for $100,000 before moving to a brand-new, $300,000, higher-end condo with magnificent views in Puerto Madero. They haven’t settled here full-time yet, but feel completely at home in Buenos Aires. "In many ways it feels familiar," says Bert. "It’s a world-class city, and people are quite cosmopolitan."

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Argentina at a Glance


Population 41,343,201 (July 2010)
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) $558 billion (2009)
GDP Per Capita $13,800 (2009)
Inflation Rate 7.7 % (2009)
Currency Argentine Peso (ARS)
Exchange Rate Versus U.S. Dollar 3.7639 pesos per 1 U.S. dollar (2009)
Language Spanish (official), Italian, English, German, French
Capital Buenos Aires
Population of Capital City 13 million
Time Zone GMT minus 3 (Three hours ahead of Washington D.C. during Standard Time)
Seasons Subtropical to subpolar;
North: hot summers, mild, drier winters
Central: hot summers, cool winters
South: warm summers, cold winters
International Dialing Code 54
Electricity 220V / 50Hz; Plug Types: C, I
System of Government Federal Presidential Republic
Name and Party Affiliation
of Current Leader
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Justicialist Party
Income Tax Rate for Residents 9% to 35%
Property Tax 1.25% (0% in Buenos Aires)
Capital Gains Tax None
Inheritance Tax None
Rental Income Tax 21%
Transfer Tax 1.5%
Sales Tax 21%
Restrictions on Foreign
Ownership of Property
Foreigners need approval to buy in security zones
(international borders)
Local Chamber of Commerce
Av. Leandro N. Alem 36
C1003AAN Buenos Aires
Tel. 5411-5300-9000
American Chamber of Commerce
Viamonte 1133 Piso 8
C1053ABW Buenos Aires
Tel. 5411-4371-4500
Primary Exports soybeans, petroleum, gas, vehicles, corn,
Residency and Visa Requirements Tourist Visa: automatic 90 days upon entry
Residency: work, study, investor, retirement,
rentista, medical treatment, and cultural 
Citizenship: after uninterrupted documented
residency of at least three years

Residents or Retirees
National Airline Aerolineas Argentinas


Information in this table is provided in partnership with Kathleen Peddicord, Publisher of Live and Invest Overseas.


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Table information on this page is provided in partnership with Kathleen Peddicord, Publisher of Live and Invest Overseas.

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